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Creating The Slideshow 1. Click [Add Photo or Video]. Add test pics to your event. 2. Click [Start Slideshow] 3. Go to [Slideshow Background Image] 4. Click [Choose File] and upload your background. 5. Choose your [Slideshow Background Color] & [Slideshow Size] 6. Use [Slideshow Horizontal Alignment] & [Slideshow Vertical Alignment] to select slideshow size to best fit your background. 7. Click [Start Slideshow]. 8. If you click on your background a slideshow tool box will open. You can manually move the levels or type in a number to adjust. When you have your slideshow set, click [Close] at the bottom of the tool. Click [Go Full Screen]. If you are extending your desktop to your LED screen or projector, grab the slideshow page by the tab above the URL and slide it over to your extended screen. Move your cursor over to the slideshow and click [Go Full Screen]. You can also use F11 on your keyboard to go full screen or minimize.
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