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Your Events

Your Events

Create And Edit Your Event

Create And Edit Your Event 1. Go to [My Events Page]. 2. Click [Create New Event]. (Button will say [Purchase More Events] if account empty) 3. Type in [Event Name] (Example: John & Sara Wedding 7-23-16) 4. Click off [Privacy] 5. Click on [Visible] 6. Click on [Chat Enabled] 7. Click on [Gift Enabled] 8. Type (1) in [Redemption Code] 9. Leave [Redemption Picture] alone 10. Type a number (1-5) in [Page Weight] (Puts events in order on your home page) 11. Click [Home Page Visible] to show event on your home page. 12. Type in your [Event Code] keep it short and sweet 13. Type in your [Event Description] 14. Click [Save] at the bottom of page. 15. Click [Add Photo or Video]. (upload pic for your [Page Owner Profile] pic) 16. Click [Change Event Cover Picture]. 17. Click [Profile] next to the pic and click [Submit] 18. Now your event is setup and pics can be sent to it. 19. Post (Go to www.fotoxl.live Event Code ????) on your slideshow background and have your clients post on their social media. Encourage your clients to post as soon as possible. It builds anticipation for the event and some really nice candid pics.
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